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Member Introduction Thread - Post Here!

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My name is kyouten and this is me introducing myself.

- - - Updated - - -

All i ever wanted to do is flash the bios on my laptop, and thanks to this forum, I can now do exactly that. But this forum requires a little keyboard labor in exchange for a download-capable account. Thats ok though. Nice forum!

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Hi im here for the food, the booze and the wo- oh.... just tech stuff here, that'll do nicely ;)

Found this decent forum on a mission to unlock the bios on my mates medion erazor p7819 laptop. Its also known as a whitebook MSI.

Hoping i can find a way to do this without bricking it for him!

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Call me Arch.

I stumbled across this forum when was searching the interwebs to see if an eGPU was even possible.

I have a late 2013 13" MacBook Pro i7 16GB ram, and am currently unimpressed with the graphics capabilities on my otherwise awesome machine (IMO). I was planning on building a separate gaming system (and compromising due to cost), when the idea to look into eGPUs came to me.

Thanks to this awesome group of people, I'm now planning my own build. There's so much great info here and I've already learned a ton!

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So, this is an Introduce yourself I see,

I just registered for this and I hoping to get my technical answers answered and what not. I am a gamer with an Alienware 18, GTX880M 16GB SLI. I've seen recently on a few forums that some of our cards are "crippled" for some reason. Anyways, yeah. thats my crappy introduct

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My name is Benjamin and I am an W370ST owner.

I love and hate this laptop. I love that I was a lot cheaper than most

brand with the specs I have and the battery still lasts a long time.

What I don't like is the fan that sounds like an aeroplane...but I read

that the prema mod makes it a little less lound. After my 5 posts I will

try it.

The other downside is the HDMI and USB ports on the right side of the

laptop that sometimes don't work.

But overall I am happy and looking forward for the bios update.

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