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Alienware m17x R4 (EEPROM Chip Location)


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Hello there, I am new to the forums and after perusing the different threads and search feature to see if my question has already been answered, I now come to ask to the community to not only test their knowledge, but to also figure out where this thing is! :P

So... I have an Alienware m17x R4 laptop (Intel i7, Radeon 7970m), and am looking for the physical location of the EEPROM chip on the system board. I know on some Dell system boards there are single EEPROMS, others have dual EEPROMS. I am completely familiar with replacing those chips and just simply need to find the location on this specific laptop.

Now, I know the question is going to come up (and derail from the actual OP question I had) as to why I want to know where the chip is.... well, I just simply want to further my knowledge in the field of hacking my laptop.

Thanks for any replies...

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