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ASUS N53SN - unlocked hidden bios features successfully

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I managed to successfully unlock my iron's hidden bios features so i just show you guys the steps i made.

I do not recommend to do this, its just a part of my eGPU project.

I made this tutorial with the newest 209 bios already flashed, so maybe you want it too.

- Save your current rom file with AFUWINGUI v5.05.04., backup a lot of copies of this somewhere safe.

- Run AMIBCP4.55.0070 and open .rom file

- Go to Advanced in the left tree and you will see your advanced menupoints in your bios something like this, except you will see Default instead of USER in the Access/Use column.


- You can force these menupoints to show up by changing the access to USER like on the picture

- The chipset tab is where the really deep things happen (Memory frequency, PCI-E configurations, IGP configurations, LCD setting, TOLUD config (default is dynamic) etc.). You don't have to set all these menus to USER here so just leave everything untoched here.

- Click File->Save

- Now we have to use MMTool (mmtool_aptio_4.50.0.23) to gather some information. Load the image and find the FileName: Setup row:


- I coudn't manage to replace this module with MMTool so we just need the GUID for the Setup module (899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21 for me)

- Open UEFITool (0.21.4_win) and open your rom file.

- Click File->Search->GUID and type in your GUID (899407D7-99.....), select header only then click search. On the messages block double click on the found entry and right click on it => extract as is and save the fss file, don't close UEFI Tool.

- Open the FFS file with a HEX Editor.

They store in an boolean array the hidden/showable tabs in our case it is: 01 01 00 01 01 01

The reason is because default if you go to your bios you see these tabs: (Main: enabled, Advanced: enabled, Chipset: disabled, Boot: enabled, Security: enabled, Save & Exit: enabled).

- Search for 01 01 00 01 01 01 and make sure you have only one matches (you should have only one) and change the red value to 01 and save the file.


- Double check the saved file size an continue only if its exactly 2 621 440 bytes

- Back to UEFITool right click on your GUID and press replace as is. Browse your edited fss file and click ok then File->Save image file. This creates your unlocked .rom file.- And now you can flash this bios file with AFUWIN. Open->your rom file. Go back to Information screen, in my case Current Firmware ID: 0ABUC0007, ROM file ID: 0ABUC000 so on the setup tab i had to check "Do not Check ROM ID" then click Flash ONLY if you take the risk like me.


- After reboot go to the BIOS and you will see the new Chipset tab:


Reference: http://micheleprimavera.eu/?p=10




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Thanks for this how to guide.

IHowever I have a question: why do you use an hex editor and not simply put the tab to user in AMIBCP ?


Thanks for your answer and already sharing your knowledge.

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Putting the tab to User is not working, chipset tab visibility is hard coded in.

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Good afternoon.
What is this rule?
which column?


Edited by bolatello

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Just change the red value 01 01 00 01 01 01 to 01. On your picture (N53SVAS.215) its line 8160, column 3.

Edited by Doink

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Dude hello i saw your topic .  I have cm 6870 asus desktop computer . I am trying to unlock ai tweaker.  https://www.asus.com/tr/support/Download/14/11/6/19/kitfFCbsOpUyO2nz/30/ here is my bios. But i couldnt the boolean array you mentioned in the post. Can you pls help me some ? I really appreciate. I am new to this topic . I dont wanna do smth wrong . Thx for help.

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Hi thank you for you time.

MY COMPUTER has the bios 215.


I downloaded the AFU (directly from AMI website) --> THERE IS NO v5.05.04 !



When I lauch AFUWINGUI v5.08.02 to create a backup of my current bios, I have this error :


34 - Error : using the wrong AFU version, please use Aptio 4 AFU.


When I try to flash with V5, it tells me to use Aptio 4 APU, but the AMI zip there is only V3.07.

What should I do ?


Thank you.



Just used v3.07 (it is for Aptio4 AFU) it worked !

v5 didn't work


I wish you the best ! I will now try to make my EXP GDC WORK :)


Edited by mico
Problem solved

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wow thanks a lot man, it safe my N53S with broken nvidia , and i already have exp gdc using it with another lp, thank you very much

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Hi all. I have an Asus N53SN, but I can not find the programs to change the bios. Where can I find them? Can you even find a modified version of bios?
Thank you

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Hello! Sorry for interruption, i followed all the steps above but i'd come into an Error 45 : Problem verifying flash. Have anyone have an idea to solve this? I am scared it will brick my laptop after i restart. I would really love to hear opinions friends here! PLEASE HELPP! Im using N53SV i7 2630QM

Error 45.jpg

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This is where i found and changed my 01 01 00 01 01 01 in Hex Editor, i only found that number here. There's no more, so i estimate this is the correct coding to change to 01 01 01 01 01 01. 

Hex Workshop.jpg

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