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No PEG on M17X-R4 with nVidia GTX 980M

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Hi, I installed a new GTX 980M in a M17X R4 but there's no way to get PEG mode working.

First I tried to follow instructions from Lee James Wood (who sold me the card), using the stock A12 BIOS but it didn't work.

He stated I shouldn't stay on Windows 10 x64 with Optimus mode because it'll cause issues and probably damage my new GTX card because of erroneous temperature readings, so I have to try harder.

I tried with an unlocked A11 BIOS and then following J95's instructions:

Unlocked BIOS.

- Unplug power cord

- Remove battery

- Hold power button for 30 seconds

- Remove CMOS coin battery (next to GPU fan)

- Remove gtx 770m -> 2 screws only, there's no need to remove the heat sink.

- Reinsert CMOS battery

- Plug power cord

- Power on -> Beeps -> hold power button until shutdown.

- Power on -> F2 -> disable the integrated graphics - Second Advanced Menu -> Video Configuration -> disable IGP -> set display to PEG -> Exit menu 'Save Without Exit' -> shutdown.

- Reinsert gtx 770m.

- Power ON -> F2 -> shutdown.

- Reinsert Battery.

...but it didn't go. In a different way.

By the time I power on the notebook after reinserting the card back, I obtain a black screen and beeps.

I tried the procedure step by step, first by setting in the BIOS the mode to PEG and disabling the integrated graphic card.

then I tried by setting the mode to PEG and setting the integrated GFX to auto instead of disabling it.

No way: always black screen and beeps. :apologetic:

Actually the video cards are in SG mode, and nVidia Optimus seems to work right.

I'm not enough into video card tech to judge but mr Wood, who's much more expert than I am, told me that using SG mode the dedicated card signal and management go through the integrated GFX; because of this there's the risk the dedicated card isn't correctly managed, especially regarding temperature readings. Nothing wrong except slower performances.

Has anyone a piece of advice for me?

Has anyone with a similar hardware configuration managed to use PEG mode? And How?

It seems there's no other thread regarding this matter, and that I'm not the only one with this problem.

Thanks in advance!

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Haha I am very new to this forum, this is my first post, but I just got through getting mine configured with the help of phobos1984. Were you able to flash the unlocked A11 BIOS? Since then have you gone into your BIOS and tried to change the Video Settings?

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Were you able to flash the unlocked A11 BIOS? Since then have you gone into your BIOS and tried to change the Video Settings?

Yes to all, as you can read in the OP.

But it didn't work: black screen and beeps.

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assuming you flashed A11 unlocked do this:

- go to the bios (press F2 repeatedly on boot), load the default settings. Now Save WITHOUT exit. Go to Boot menu -> "Boot list option" UEFI -> "Load Legacy Option ROM" Disabled -> "Secure boot" Disabled-> " Windows 8 Fast Boot" Disabled. Now go to "Advanced tab" -> "Video Configuration" -> "Primary Display" PEG. Now go to "PCI Expless Graphics" -> "Aways Enable PEG" Enabled. Save and Exit bios.

From here you have completely disabled your integrated graphic card and will run only on Nvidia. Keep in mind that you will need to use DDU to remove the old Nvidia drivers and then install the modified one. You will need to disable the DSE in Windows in order to install them. When installing the drivers install only display adapter drivers and PhysX, nothing else.

PS. It is not required to pull your card. If you are stuck with 8 beeps just remove the CMOS battery and hold down the power button for more then 30 secs. Do it with your clock on hand 'cause it seems an eternity. Then power on and do the steps above. Only pure UEFI will work.

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Thank you!!! :triumphant:

I don't know how or why but this time it worked!

I was quite sure I've tried all and every option, even the configuration you posted, but I was wrong.

As I said I already had unlocked bios A11 correctly flashed. Now the system is in PEG mode, there's only one video card and with a different hardware ID from before (in Windows Device Manager) so I had to mod again the drivers and reinstall them but then everything went smoothly!

Performances are improved greatly since before: I'm impressed I can play The Witcher 3 at Ultra configuration with such a great framerate.

Thank you again, phobos! :Banane47:

P.S.: now max card temperature can reach 88°C. What about yours?

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You are welcome!

I never saw mine over 70. But have to say that the most demanding games I run so far are: Watchdogs, Shadow of Mordor and Crysis 3. Don't know how bad/heavy Witcher 3 is.

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How did you get the second advanced menu in BIOS?  I have BIOS A13 and there's only 1 advanced menu?

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