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Synopsis - Your stuck on an island. Your immune to the zombies. Help your fellow man (and woman) get out alive. Along the way, do some drugs, drink some beer, make some weapons, jam some music and oh yeah.. kill some zombies.

My System:

Alienware m14x

cpu - i7- 2630qm

gpu - nvidia 555mGT

memory - 4gb

hard drive - 60gb ssd

screen - 1366x768

Windows 7 home

nvidia driver 275.33

Game Install Size (7gb)

Game Settings (maximum in game)

Game performance : @750/900 60-90fps. Avg provided by fraps is 72.

Game performance : stock Avg provided by fraps 58

System Utilization : At 750/900 My GPU temps stayed constant at 72-73c with 99 percent GPU utilization at almost all times. CPU utilization was another story at stock bios settings my temps were 85c max and the game utilized all 8 threads anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent. Most threads were below 45 percent utilization. I need to perform some experiments to see what type of FPS impact it has be running the game with only 4 threads to simulate the I5.

I5 users rejoice! - I set the cpu to 4 threads while playing tihs game and ZERO FPS IMPACT! I have a screenshot of before and after and it was 73 fps before at 8 threads and 73 after at 4. So outstanding news!

Game play :

Graphics : outstanding however most of the island is static and can not be manipulated like crysis or crysis warhead. I would give the graphics a 8 out of 10.

Sound : the sounds and effects really pull you into the game. 8 out of 10.

Controls : sloppy at best. It's not a precise fps shooter for certain and lots of folks are switching to xbox 360 controls as even the best mouse does little to improve the experience. 6 out of 10.

Experience : The game is very fun so far. You can upgrade your character for different types of attacks and create weapons based on plans that you get by completing missions. The zombies are dynamic and pop up when you least expect it so it makes the game fun. Personally this is my type of game. I wish it was more of a military style FPS with zombies (ala Day By Day Armageddon) but I will take what I can get.

Stability : I have not had the game crash on me but we have experienced 2 patch upgrades. I have lost the ability to play offline (Angry about this). Others have had issues with crashing but its hard to identify the root cause as most won't list drivers or system specs. 6 out of 10

Overall 7 outta 10.

Its a fun game, I would buy it again no doubt and I am expecting to have many fun nights stomping zombies.

Best wishes,

Steven Owens

Screenshot Notes - 1st 3 are to show performance.

First one is non oc gpu with 8 threads cpu

Second one is non oc gpu with 4 threads cpu

Third is the oc gpu with 4 threads. The rest are OC GPU...
















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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'm very tempted to get this... though first of all I need to get my GPU running again properly. Can you provide 2-3 screenshots of parts of maps you like?

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Very nice. Ile probably wait a while to get this but these details are pretty crucial to me :)

Also, im not sure about the relevance but the i5 m14x is a duel core with hyper threading apposed to a quad core. i doubt it makes a difference But thanks for checking the performance on the i5 front!

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Thanks Steven! I'll give it a shot... its not a bad game. :) I just try to avoid Steam as much as I can. :)

The graphics looks so-so (I am running at max details on 1920x1200) and I am not too impressed that the interaction with the environment is pretty limited. For these 20ish minutes I played it it looks interesting... as I said not bad, but just feels too much like a console game. Also I miss character customization. (why do I have to play a chick if I want gun specialization? I'd rather make muscular guy with a scar on his face that looks like a mean fighting machine. ;) )

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Honestly this game was hilariously fun when no one could disable their mics and you would hear everyone's reactions etc. At the same time it got annoying after a while and I am glad they fixed that. Good times playing this online with friends and having random people join your game.

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