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Staingate issue on retina macbooks 2012-2014


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There's a widespread issue going on with the retina screens of macs produced between 2012 and 2014. Apple won't admit it so far, but they are aware of the issue and do offer repairs free of charges if accessed by the right channels.

here are some pictures describing the issue.




There's many more, just access staingate.org or look for #staingate on twitter.

I myself was affected, and was denied service while still under warranty twice by apple store employees which claimed improper use / cleaning. I kind of let it be, but then i discovered how widespread it is and, while being out of warranty for a while now, written a polite email to [email protected] explaining my issue and attaching some pictures. Next day i get a very polite call from apple's corporative relations manager telling me they are making an exception and will replace my screen free of charge. A few days later i went to apple service center, there was already a cscode appled to my mac's serial number so i didn't even need to do any explaining. I got it replaced right away.

While i still think apple should issue a recall just like they did in the past with the nvidia gpu failure and other recalls, at least i am happy they are backchannel-resolving it for now.

So for anyone who's screen starts to peel off - don't give up and don't believe the apple store minions, write to tcook and you'll have it replaced at no time.

References :




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