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MS 16F3 970M Temperatures


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Hello all,

after successful upgrade from 670M to 970M, I want to eliminate high temperatures.

I'm using 670M heatsink (I prefer to stick with it) which has been modded a little bit.

GPU idling at 30-33 C. I hit 88 C in Far Cry 4, max settings. This is with the laptop sitting on the table. I will report back new temperatures after using laptop cooler.

Does anyone have an idea how to bring temps down? (except new heatsink)

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Arctic MX-4. As far as I remember, I've tighten the screws really good.

As for the paste, I spread it with a credit card, along the whole chip, nice and thin.

Dont tell me I need to put more?

Edit: would it be possible to make DIY mod with copper wire? Make a bridge between GPU and CPU heatsinks?

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