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Y400 Overheating


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Hi, I have a Y400 with an ultra-bay (2x 650m).

I've a problem with temps. My cpu and first gpu are way too hot. In furmark for example the first gpu hit 93C when the second gpu is under 70C. My first gpu is throttling at stock clock and goes under 700mhz.

I decided to repast, replace thermal pads and cleaned the dust but after these steps nothing changed. Have I made a mistake with repast or smthing else?

There is an furmark stress test :


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I had a similar problem recently. There was some fuzz caught in the radiator. I suggest you take the fan off and check it if you're willing to do something like that. I just ran some water through the radiator without getting anything else wet, dried it, and the temps were back to cool. 

Laptop was running 80 idle, and 100+ under gaming prior, 50 idle 65 gaming, after.

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