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Does anyone have?

I'm currently experiencing problems with this card. Pulled from AW system, couldn't display screen on MSI system. Flashed older VBIOS using Clevo system, forgot to save the original VBIOS. Installed in MSI system, installed Windows right away, worked for like 10 minutes and fans started spinning hard. Didn't want to kill the card so I forced shut down. Shows Code 43 error on MSI and AW system.

Just wanna rule out every possible option to determine what the problem is. :/

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Maybe this helps you next ?!


Memory size:

GPU Clock:

Memory Clock:

Memory Type:


3072 MB
620 MHz
750 MHz


I can not upload the Vbios invalid file?! .rar is ok or?


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thanks for the message. I put the card aside due to the no available laptop to test it in. As soon as I get the one, I will test it again and hopefully flash with MSI VBIOS. (Although somehow believe it doesn't anymore, but let's try.)

You're not able to upload it?

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