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[HELP] Flashed Prema to v2 and now laptop powers itself off after 15 seconds

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I wondered if anyone else had come across this problem with a laptop other than a NP9377

I have posted there but that's limited to NP9377 owners :50_002:

Laptop in sig

Flashed v1 Prema BIOS a while to help with throttling. I live in New York. It's crazy hot here

I was getting random BSODs with the std BIOS so that's why I upgraded it

Then started getting them again. Have a Coolermaster U3 so temps were fine

Prema came out with v2 so flashed that. Followed instructions

Now laptop won't stay on for more than 15 seconds

It even shuts down when in the BIOS

It sometimes gets to Windows and takes 5 seconds to shut down again

Shutdown - screen goes off and keyboard lights go and fans stop


- Clearing CMOS (overnight disconnection, power drain for 30s using power button, AC only)

- Both sticks of RAM (which doesn't say RAM has not got both dodgy module)

I also cannot get back into flash as it shuts down even when in DOS

Anyone had this before?

I have a support ticket in with Eurocom where I am expecting them to charge me to sort the BIOS flash if that's the problem

Thanks in advance

(Please move if I have posted in the wrong forum)

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Are the num lock, scroll lock, and caps lock LEDs flashing together with a beeping sound?

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Are the num lock, scroll lock, and caps lock LEDs flashing together with a beeping sound?

No mate. Everything appears fine and then she shuts off :(

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Try pulling the secondary gpu. Note that the first boot after doing this will take longer (it will boot to a black screen, then reboot after ~10s).

I'm just trying rule #1 on debugging: When you have no idea why something bad is happening, try random things.

Do not try flashing the BIOS back. You have too little time.

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Sounds like your system wasn't OK from the beginning...check the RAM thing that I suggested in the other thread, system may have problems running it stable.

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