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razer tiamat 7.1 surround sound gaming heatset


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I really can't imagine how a 7.1 headset is supposed to work... after all the surround sound experience depends on the speakers being at different positions... not all at the same, lol.

I've never tested such a headphone though... but I imagine it's much closer to this SRS Virtual Surround than to a real 5.1 System (not to mention 7.1...)

Anyone with some first-hand experience regarding surround headsets here?

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well I used to know a few people that always swore that anything more then 2 drivers on each earcup was useless, or it might have been there was no such thing as surroundsound headphones. I do know that using the right headphones with the right amp/dac is a good deal better although I dont think id get anything else then wireless logitech g930 to be honest just being me.

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Well let me fill in .

I own this headset for a week now . And i have to say they indeed look very nice.

But once again they cost ( well i piad here at the local store 180 euro , so they better look nice )

But the ergonomics on this headset are superb ! i havent had a headset that did a better job then these on .

I can have this headset on for like 5 hours and still have no pain or pressure on my head .

About the sound its oke , but there are better headsets that do 7.1 surround audio beter then this one .

This headset has a remote between the usb plug and the headset it self where you can adjust the volume of each speaker in the headset it self .

So thats a nice plus bonus , besides that if you have speakers on you're desk you can plug them in and on the control panel from the headset self is a button where you can switch between you're speakers and the headset it self.

So all with all this headset has allot of nice goodies which are normally are not that use full , but this one has a few nice onces.

Alltough this headset is so so exspensive if you're giving allot about ergonomics then there is no way to look further . If you give more about sound quallity( the quailty is overall very decent but for the price there is better) , wireless .

Then you might consider a different brand .

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It's a nice feature but isn't at all that much better than virtual surround since what you have there are a bunch of tiny, low quality drivers on a single earcup. I'd say it may be worse than virtual surround, at least I liked the performance of the Razer Megalodon much better than the Tiamat 7.1.

But, for the price, I'd go with a decent pair of Stereo Headphones plus Razer Surround or some Dolby technology for virtual surround audio.

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