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Intel unveils Thunderbolt 3.0, mentions eGPUs (Skylake 6th-gen i-core)


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Yes, the pricing is absurd. Hopefully this is only because it's first to market and they can charge the premium and it's not Intel's meddling. Let's hope BPLUS and Atiko can step up and create some competition.

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On 11/03/2016 at 6:19 AM, Dschijn said:

AMD really is pushing this:


Would that be an Optimus-like option for AMD cards?  I wonder if it would also work for the EC and minipci-e eGPUs.

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" The Akitio Thunder3 PCIe SSD will be available in early Q2'16 for $1,299.http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/akitio-unveils-thunder3-pcie-ssd--worlds-first-and-fastest-thunderbolt-3-external-nvme-storage-with-intel-ssd-300252980.html


1300$ WTF ! I hope they won't release an overpriced eGPU case like the BizonBOX2 ...

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15 hours ago, Dschijn said:

AKiTiO confirmed on Facebook, that the case is the Thunder3. So it will be available without the SSD, but any innovation? nah

What kind of "innovation" did u expect or would u wish for?

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Well we made a thread here and collected some ideas. I think Nando even mailed that to AKiTiO to make them aware of that!

Since eGPUs are now officially supported, a box with better specs and more eGPU compatible would have been great.


Maybe we will see another product of them...?!

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If the standalone is 300$ or more, which I really think it will be, the Razer Core could still be a viable deal.

You'd still need a 30$ Dock for more USB ports and LAN, a PSU like the Dell one or a XB360 one and you
would still not be able to charge your notebook with it ( XPS 13/15, Razer Stealth'16 ).


I really hope they bring their own eGPU version of this, maybe the DisplayPort is a sign.
The eGPU Version could have a USB hub and LAN + Audio where the DisplayPort now is.

For 300$ it would be a real alternative to the RazerCore.

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17 hours ago, Model said:

What kind of "innovation" did u expect or would u wish for?


Something like real power supply for a GPU (350 W with dedicated 8/6 pins connectors) and consequent size so you can put a real graphic card in (+ docs option with usb3, lan, displayport, ... ) ... in fact something like the razer... but at 250$...


I'm wondering why compagnies already making pcie external boxes don't get in this market? 

As there is a real demand because the Razer preorders got sold out in about 24h...

Maybe they will soon but why so few communication?

- One explanation is that there are selling professionnal products (with big marges) and as razer pro equivalent (x4 pcie gen 3 connection) is sold like +1500$ and dont want to loose it because a 300$ egpu can also to be used for compute or pro rendering...

- Other explanation is that gpu implementation isn't that easy as the thunderbolt certif seems to be strict...



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13 hours ago, gharimanto said:

Intel NUC run with razer core. Hmm. Seems legit


Yes, that's pretty much legit. Skull Canyon has got a quadcore i7 6770HQ and up to 32GB of RAM, so yes it's pretty much capable of running anything available together with the eGPU.

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I never really thought of a DIY e-GPU solution, however glancing upon these forums I see it is currently a thing, even without thunderbolt/usb-c notebooks.


However I see the OEM's are coming out with there own versions and I am wondering about the pros and cons for DIY and OEM.


I would think the big one is Cost savings for DIY, but Id like to know what people are spending on the DIY versions.


Are you able to get usb ports + ethernet like the ones the OEMs are coming out with?


I think this is an important addition as I would want to hook up some usb surround sound, keyboard, mouse, and ethernet to my e-GPu (and monitor of course ;)) and plug in 1 cord to have it all hooked up.



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On 11 February 2016 at 11:41 AM, Morv said:

@davide445 Comparing the two shown devices you should've noticed that the one that you showed isn't looking the same as the one in the latest video.


If it's really the Thunder3 shown in the video I'd be disappointed. I thought about an enhanced device similar to the ones Razer and Asus are going to launch but the one in the video would most likely be a simple upgrade to TB3 and a color change. Especially as Akitio was asking us what we'd like to see in the next product. Still, maybe they're going to launch a TB3 Thunder Box for simple PCIe expansions and a dedicated eGPU Thunder box. That'd be nice.

Waiting for the release it is, I guess.

Both the Thunder3 SSD and soon to be released Thunder3 PCIe are equipped with the same MP-PCI6-AKT-V1.0 board as we can see from the hi-res photos on the AKiTiO web site. AKiTiO mentions “PCIe Gen3 x4 (x16 slot) interface” so it’s still electrically x4, possibly meaning that R9 Nano remains the only stable R9 with the Thunder3 as well. Nothing actually changed, it’s not designed for GPUs:




Their eGPU enclosure for full length cards is huge:



AKiTiO seems to be a brand of inXtron, and they offer a TB3 development KIT.



I tried powering the Thunder2 from its J11 connector, wondering if the 6-pin Mini-Fit Jr connector is the same? According to the board layout, the location is different.


Has anyone else noticed that most of these TB3 enclosures utilize a Flex ATX PSU? The Razer Core uses the same brand PSU as Netstor NA211TB but with the factory default fan speed it is noisy. I happen to have a fine-tuned PSU, but it’s still the loudest component due to the physical factor. A 4cm fan cannot be quiet, especially if used to 12cm Noctua fans in PCs.

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