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Why I can't recommend Asus any longer


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Bought an Asus mobo about a year ago. It was a "RoG" model, meaning it was quite expensive, had lots of good hardware, good specs, and can be tweaked to my hearts content.

About a year later, and the driver and software updates have all but completely stopped. I wouldn't care too much, but there are still issues. The sound driver wasn't ever that good, with inconsistencies with how the interface works. The automatic update software has never worked. BIOS updates result in completely resetting of the settings, something that Dell has managed to avoid on much lower level PCs. the software used to manage the fan speeds, active over/under clocking and various other settings is clunky. the wifi software (not the driver) is waking the PC from sleep on a regular basis.

What really bothers me is that many of the same drivers and software is used in newer equipment but it isn't being back-ported to the older equipment driver page. I've managed to hunt down new audio drivers, wifi software, "AISuite3" software and it works fine. No idea why Asus would do this.

My next mobo will probably be Gigabyte.

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I second this as an owner of the Hero VI.


Gigabyte MOBOs I always found to be great, BUT, their GPUs weren't as high quality as, say ASUS or MSI, which I quite like, especially the twin-frzr series of coolers.

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Gigabyte are awesome mobos, except AMD ones (overclocking issues with never revisions). 


ASUS GPU's and Motherboards are without doubt high-end. They're products are good. At least high-end ones...

I had problems with their version of Radeon 4350 (in VPS). It was about driver compatibility... only stocked worked, but they we're buggy as hell... 

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