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780m SLI With SLV7 Vbios Throttling

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Hello Everyone

I am having this really strange issue.... so far i have only tried it on battlefield hardline and GTA 5. For some reason my videocards keep throttling down to 2d clocks then while playing but it only happens when I overclock. even if is a really minor overclock. keep I already flashed my cards with the slv7 vbios and I used to be able to run my cards @ +120 core and + 300 memory... can this be a driver issue??? is anyone else experiencing this ?

I have tried reflashing my cards again to the SLV7 Vbios but it makes no differences i also tried flashing the BIOS to A10 to A11 but it makes no difference either. i am on the lestest GTA 5 drivers from Nvidia.

please help me figure this out


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Are you connecting power cord? If no, please connect it while gaming.

Also, get a logging tool, MSI Afterburn for example and make a log. I reckon you used a wrong command to flash your second GPU.

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