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AW M18x R1 2XSamsung 850 EVO 1TB RAID setup hiccup/WD green 2TB works nicely in the o

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So I got a couple of these brand new and one is recognized just fine and the second one is not. Do I have a bad drive from the factory? or is there a limit with the A05 BIOS keeping me from trying to RAID something with this much capacity? Thoughts? Suggestions? During boot the synopsis says something like: 'not compatible' even though I was able to format it NTFS from within Windows... scratching my head...

Thanks to the forum for all the info. With the help of a LOT of surfing this site I was able to max out my AW M18x R1. I was a little hesitant to put a 15mm thick drive in the 'ole girl but 2 weeks later and things are running just fine. In case anyone else was on the fence I thought I would share. My CMOS battery decided to die somewhere during the process but other than that, the whole job went pretty well. Those damn plastic connectors had me sweating a bit tho' :)

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