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sound blaster x fi mb3 like software

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So I finally got my sound blaster x fi mb3 working on my clevo p651se. It only took me about 2 weeks to getting it working correctly. My god it was a ache in the ball sack to get working.

Anyway. I find XFImb3 to be AMAZING. Adds a whole new level of sound to my laptop and I really love it. I couldn't be without it now.

My question is

Do any of you know of any software like XFI3 which works on ALL audio devices? XFi3 will only work with the realtek HD sound card so as soon as you plug a usb audio device in it then disables itself.

I'm looking for something which will work on ANY audio driver?

I've tried a few modded drivers to see if I could get it working on non realtek hardware but there doesn't seem to be a working work around.

Any tips pleases?? :)

Thanks in advance :D

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You're a star mate.That looks looks prefect. I wanted something like that for my macbook pro 15 I use for work! Have you tired it personally?

Yes, been using it on my Lenovo Y500 for a couple years. Works great for games.

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