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Dell Adapter not charging [SOLUTION]


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After a lot of searching and reading about problems with Dell chargers that don't charge batteries I found solution to mod broken Dell or any other adapter and make it "genuine".

The site is on german, but anybody with basic microcontroller programming skills can easily build it: Dell Notebook mit fremdnetzteil betreiben GELÖST - Mikrocontroller.net

I can confirm that it is working, it saved me 100$!

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sometimes even genuine Dell charger is refused by the system,

maybe a signal pin within the plug is the cause.

I bought a used 240W delta charger for my M6600.

at first time the system refused the charger but after I blowed some dust off within the plug, It worked.

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There are 4 things that can be wrong with dell that is not charging :

-Damaged charger , data pin i broken (pin inside the charging plug) , cable is broken so it doesnt transmit power/data

-Charging port is broken

-Motherboard electronics is broken

-Battery is dead

Easiest way to check what is wrong ?

Get any known working dell charger(can be with lesser or bigger W) plug it in to your laptop and check in bios is it recognizable .

If ur laptop did not recognized charger it might be issue with charging port or motherboard , ofc first replace charging port

If charger is recognized it can charge ur laptop when it is off even with lesser W than it is recommended for ur laptop but will cause hard throttling during using of laptop

I was dell HelpDesk specialist for 4 years i know what im talking about :)

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