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Unlocking Overclocking Maxwell 900M Series


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So what's up with the new drivers:



that were just released?

Did they block this trick? Do they perform better than one in OP? Or is it a real security patch with no strings attached?

Seems odd to release drivers with older numbers. I wouldn't trust nVidia right now.

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i posted this work around beginning of feb on guru3d forums but no one cared & on the geforce forums.

just thought i'd mention it.


I used this fix/1 (blank screen), 31 installs + 40 hours testing. Only achievable using the kernel mode driver module with matching nvapi.dll version, allowing OCing without breaking Modded vBIOS unlocked options, v346.87/r346_00_186 instead.

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I didn't have to use a matching nvapi.dll, overclocking worked with the just kernel mode driver for me and there were no blank screens. i guess your solution was about more than overclocking from the looks of it.

NV Inspector, MSI Afterburner and Precision X won't work correctly unless nvlddmkm.sys & nvapi.dll are v346.87, taken from my previous 780M/LGD02C5 blank screen fix(2) broken OCing options.

This result is not achievable using nvapi.dll v347.xx/clock-blocked.


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Thanks much for your efforts, @J95. The driver tweaks worked perfectly!

No problem, latest v347.88 restores OCing but performance isn't good. This mod works with v347.88 without issues. I'll update OP.

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Anandtech has a good article on overclocking a P770ZM: AnandTech | Clevo P750ZM: GTX 980M Overclocking Investigated

The article mostly focuses on GPU overclocking as the author notes that overclocking the 4790K may introduce some cooling issues. I found the section on power requirements very enlightening. I think most people - myself included - assumed that a 230W power supply would be more than sufficient. However, the power usage charts show otherwise. If you are heavily overclocking both the 4790K and the 980M, you are probably exceeding the power ratings on the 230W block.

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indeed, which u can also see in the batcave OP where i did power measurements with everything overclocked :) check my sig for that

ps: its the p750zm btw, not the p770zm ;)

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Good charts, @jaybee83. They definitely show that a hard core overclock with the 230W PSU would be pushing the PSU's limits. I wonder if the "whine" that some owners are reporting is because of they are exceeding the power rating on the PSU. *shrug* I was concerned about noise, but my unit has been very quiet. However, my CPU is locked and undervolted at 4 GHz, and I only marginally OC the GPU. Other than an audio driver issue I had early on, this unit has been flawless.

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How far did you manage to overclock a 970M ? overclocking the Gpu clock is dangerous more than the memory and can cause some Micro Stuttering / Slow Performance fps after some time in a game even if the benchmark worked fine.

with drive 347.88 the overclock works

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