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M18x R1 SLI Cable Setup


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So I just made the transition from red to green with my R1 and had a slight issue with the new SLI cable. In order to make it work it had to be routed over both GPU heatsinks, whereas the old crossfire cable was designed to fit over the palm rest, making right angles around the heatsinks. I placed some camera lens cleaning cloths between the cable and the heatsinks to provide some separation and just sticky taped them in place. I'm hoping this setup will work.

Has anybody else experienced a situation like this? Do you recommend me keeping it this way or should I search for a SLI cable that has the right angles in it to go around the heatsinks?



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I did read a while back that the crossfire cables from Nvidia were failing due to the heat being transferred into the cable. I did a mod once with some thermal strips placed under the cable to keep it from becoming too warm ! Might be worth doing if you are worried :)

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