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MSI GT70 (I Think) Built by Digital Storm

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Hi, I have what I think is a MSI GT70. It was built by Digital Storm and they called the model the "Carbine". So if anyone knows what the "Carbine" really is please let me know. I got it last august and it has a Nvidia GTX780M GPU in it. It also has a 120gb SSD and a 750gb HDD with 16gb RAM. I love my laptop. I can play almost every game out there on max settings and the gpu processes the high end engineering software models and graphics marvelously. It can almost keep up with my favorite engineering tools on full max settings which aren't needed. I just need "very high settings." Overall, I'm very happy with my laptop, whatever model it may be. All the internals are custom so they won't give you any clues as to the type of laptop which mine is aside from the GPU I think because I only had one choice for the GPU.

Please let me know what kind of laptop I have so I know if the parts I like are compatible.

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