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[Request] SVS1311 bios


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Hello fellow Sony owners,

I have the most annoying problem with my SVS1311P9E. It's otherwise a great and powerful laptop but I have an issue with the bios.

I bought a new 900p IPS panel, LG SLB1, to replace the somewhat lacking 1366x768 resolution TN panel.

However, it will not display a picture. I've checked DIP settings and fuses and have the correct, working, 2ch cable. I only get a controllable backlight(so the laptop is communicating with the panel) and external monitor output.

With bios r0142c5 the display is shown in windows as 1366x768 VAIO_LCD.

With bios r0143c5 the display is shown in windows as digital flat panel 1024x640 60hz and it flashes on boot.

I am fairly certain that the problem is a soft(firm)ware issue. Before I give up, I need to try the original bios, as I have read people have had the same issue after updating bios, only getting a backlight with a black picture.

Problem is, the R0140C5 bios is nowhere to be found. I found a dump rom file of a (supposedly) r0140c5 from a chinese forum but it's 8mb and looks completely different in hxeditor from the other two. No way it can be edited to work.

Would anyone be able to backup their bios and upload it if you still have that bios installed?


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Alright I probably shouldn't have been messing around with that rom. I thought I could try to match the file sizes by removing the "00 hole" from the dump rom.

I did that and insydeflash.exe recognized it as "R0140C5" bios and started flashing, before it had given error about missing EC. Great, I thought.

Well, nope. It's probably bricked. Leds come on and keyboard backlight responds to touch but no picture. Fan comes on after a while. Then it shuts down.

No apparent usb activity after a brief led blink on start. Can't get it to read anything on usb so reflashing like that is out?

edit: Okay I looked and found that I have a Winbond 25Q64CVST6 eeprom chip. http://www.elnec.com/device/Winbond/W25Q64CV/

Now to find a programmer for it.. Im starting to get a feeling this isn't going to be easy. I'm going to need some ME identification block from my old bios and then have a new bios in proper format and all that?

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Alright just to document my process if anyone is looking into it, I got a serduino and connected my chip into it as like in the flashrom wiki. Had to do the 5v version connection with a single 10k pullup to the CS pin to make it work for some reason, even though the chip is 3,3V. Had to use linux to make flashrom properly work.

So, I have new flash chips and a (supposedly) good bios dump. I flashed the dumps onto the chips but they don't seem to work. I got a few lights flashing but no boot. I'm not sure what to do now, is there more to it? Shouldn't a whole dump of the bios work when flashed succesfully?

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