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any decent portable wireless speakers under $150?


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Hi all, I am looking for a portable wireless speaker set that I plan on using with my Windows laptop and my Android phone for under $150 (if possible). Let me know if I need to extend my budget (within reason) to find speakers that have decent quality. Number 1 for me is the sound quality, prefer accurate sounds for voices and music and do not need crazy bass, though I'd like to watch the occasional movie. I don't need to fill large rooms so loudness isn't that much of a concern.

I plan on using it indoors only but I'll be moving around fairly often and in within different small room setups (all times the speakers will be in relatively close proximity to laptop or phone but some locations, I'd prefer to have no wires to the source), which is why I prefer a portable wireless set. I'd say 25% of time I will connect speakers directly to source via 3.5mm connection, but will mainly use it wirelessly.

I don't mind if I have to plug in the speakers to an outlet since I can extend the power to the wall (speakers will tend to be close to wall, while laptop in middle of room), but batteries or having a rechargeable battery in the speakers would be useful (though not necessary a definite plus, with rechargeable batteries being the preferred option). Weight definitely plays a role though as I will be moving these around often.

I've seen a lot of different ways for wireless speakers to connect (bluetooth+-NFC, wifi) and don't know much about them, but I'm all for easy setup with lossless audio. I usually have access to wifi too. USB to charge speakers would be a nice touch in some situations but not necessary.

Please let me know what you guys recommend and if you require any more information to give me a good recommendation. I hope my requirements aren't too stringent either. Thanks, everyone!

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