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Well if it comes down to price some will say better performance for less money is best, but those enthusiast that by XM edition processors and max their ram out... will probably see that the 580M is on top performance wise. If I can get a good deal on a set I'd add them too.

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well from my understanding teh GTX 580m is better then the 6990m. ive searched around the interwebs and found that the 580 gets about 5-10 frames more in game then the 6990m. now is that partly due to the drivers that nvidia puts out? perhaps but for me i don't care as dell sent me the 6990m for free lol.

but on a serious note as Mw86 stated the price/ performance ration is ridiculous!

what does nvidia think they have that commands an additional $300? (2x teh price of teh 6990 on teh alienware site)

so for an added 5 frames (~5-10% power increase) i should pay 300 more? no thanks ill just wait un till 2012 and see what else comes around.


ive only ever used Nvidia cards… and recently got into AMD so i am not a fanboy. this is just my 0.02.


as of 9/1/11 dell 6990m is oos

so i will be getting the 580m for free :D so this post is now VOID!

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