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P180HM memory upgrade to 24GB

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I wonder if anyone runs P180HM with 24GB here. What are good modules for that for PC12800?

Some websites and manuals suggests that actually 12GB is the maximum P180HM can take. In some forums I saw hints that some people have 24GB.

Brief history:

I originally ordered mine with 12GB and not so long ago I needed more.

I bought the best 8GB modules I could find in BestBuy (+most expensive, PNY). I needed to go to two separate BestBuys in town to collect three modules, but my laptop didn't even boot with them finally.

When I was in the Bay Area for a visit I stopped by at Fry's Electronics and I bought the best (+ most expensive) available there (Patriots). BTW, I needed to go to 2 separate Fry's again to collect 3 modules. I was better this time and I popped them in right in the store and let the memtest run a little (the first Fry's had 3 modules actually but I sorted out one which my P180HM saw as a 2GB module - 2 modules were 1R, and the outlier module was 2R). Then in the hotel I ran a little more memtest, but I was so tired I didn't let it run all the way, I wanted to run memtest extensively while on a cooler.

Some weeks after that I experienced mysterious crashes. Then I did run an extensive memtest finally and I saw that the modules failed in the 7th and 8th test (mistake no.1)!!! Couldn't return them to Fry's and I already sold the old 4GB modules (mistake no.2)! I desperately tried to order at least 4GB modules which work again in a trio. I went through more sellers with no luck, until I came across some modules which passed the test.

Seems like P180HM is very picky. It not even needs 12800 CL11 1.35V modules, but it has to be PC3L (not just PC3).

I'd still need more than 12GB sometimes in the future, so I wonder what modules would surely work. I wasted so much time (and almost tear and blood) for this, the laptop was down for two weeks after I found out the intolerance.

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