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Ahmed Mossam at bios-mods.com has uploaded an unlocked BIOS for the M15x, based on the Dell version A09.

A very big thanks to him for his work!!

Here's the link to the original thread at bios-mods: M15x BIOS unlocking request

I have flashed this BIOS and the system works just as with the regular BIOS, the only difference is that there are several new menus accesible in the "Advanced" tab of the BIOS:

-IGD - LCD Control Sub-Menu

-SATA Control Sub-Menu

-SATA Hard Drive

The performance options have new sub-menus as well:

-Plaform Thermal Configuration

-Clarksfield QPI-Sub-Menu

-Clarksfiled Memory Sub-Menu

Unfortunately there are no frequency ratio options in the bios.

Each of those has a couple of further submenus. Check out the pics of the screen in the spoiler for all details:








Not every of the new options will be useful though, e.g. enabling eSata port multiplying won't do any good since the PM55 chipset doesn't support this feature.

I haven't tested all the new options yet, but I'll definitely take a closer look at them.

Instructions for flashing:

- Download the unlocked BIOS files, they can be found

- Download the BIOS A09 executable file (R293649.exe) from the Dell driver site and extract it and copy the files to the root of a DOS bootable USB drive.

- delete the following files
from the USB drive

- extract the .zip archive with the modded BIOS files and copy the three files to the root of your USB drive

- rename the modded files (W6702M_SLIC.A09, W6702MB.A09_SLIC.bin, W6702MB_SLIC.A09) to

-Shutdown your system and boot from your USB drive


and hit enter

-follow the instruction on the screen, after the flashing is finished, the system will shutdown itself

-restart your system and don't do anything, it will restart a couple of times before it will boot into Windows, don't worry.

Everything at your own risk of course, I don't take any resposibility for bricked mobos. Crisis information should be available at bios-mods.com in case you mess up totally.

Hope some of you guys test this as well and give some feedback.

Again, a very big thanks to Ahmed Hossam from the bios-mods.com forums.

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I would like to experiment with the passive cooling trip point...

Isn't there an option in the unlocked M17x r2 BIOS for this? I thought it had the same thermal configuration sub-menu...?

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I did some quick tests with the QPI frequency settings, unfortunately it doesn't seem to change anything... :(

It just stays at 2.4GHz, even if I raise it to 6.4GT/s (which equals 3.2GH/z).

It seems that the M17x r2 mod BIOS doesn't have this option at all, so I can't see whether it works for the r2 users.

I think I have to check out some Intel datasheets, maybe there's some more information about this, if anyone knows whether there are certain limitations with the QPI on the PM55 chipset, let me know.

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The only useful option I would find on an unlocked BIOS is the white-listing of the PSU and those of the GPUs. The rest are minor since we cannot improve cooling that much to support any further overclocking

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The only useful option I would find on an unlocked BIOS is the white-listing of the PSU and those of the GPUs. The rest are minor since we cannot improve cooling that much to support any further overclocking

Well the fan controls would have been great on a custom bios... when I had the R2 I was really hoping they worked... but anything I changed didn't work... and StamatisX I changed the passive trip point too I raised it but it didnt hold back any throttling though... I was so hoping...

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My Greetings to you and all in the forum!!

Right, This is what happened on my Alienware m15x i7 laptop.. windows update completed its task, the laptop kept shutting down often for no reason, uninstalled the update, i recently installed new geforce m660 in the machine. installed drivs etc, but games were lagging and.. the temp on the gpu on startup begins at 80, then goes down to 69 and hangs there. in the BIOS its not recognised, i didnt flash the BIOS, also i installed prior to that 1TB sshd hard drive with new windows 7(it worked perfect with games with the m260).

Flashing the BIOS, i went into startup boot into USB and went on BIOS flashing procedure, while it was doing its installation, the laptop turned off!!

Turned the laptop back on and blank screen! tried removing battery drained power, restarted nothing, i used the above procedure as well nothing. i tried all ports of USB eSATA and the other 2, tried both win+B and FN+B nothing, ah yes, there is also a DVD disc in the DVD drive. the eject button on the laptop wont eject it at all.

It powers up alright, but blank screen(bricked), i went to a repair shop(passing through) asked the repair guy he said he can fix it, but the hard drive will have to be wiped out all of it thats the only way! i asked him how/whats the procedure he didnt say lol.

what is it i am missing. i have all 3 files in the USB stick formatted to FAT as well. is it the DVD disc thats stopping it from running? others say i have to change the BIOS chip.

Can anyone advice please! will appreciate it : )

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