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Right clicking problem with Razor Mamba


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sounds like a simple mis-alignment with the right click button. Looking at some youtube videos it looks like you just need to shim up the exterior part of the mouse so that the buttons align again. I found this video that seems to be addressing something similar but its a horrible video, but hopefully it will help you understand where it needs to be shimmed up to make it work again. The second one was glueing some broken tabs back on to fix a left click issue that maybe the source of your right click issue.

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Sorry Anastatic seems my post early didn't seem to take. I am guessing it may have been the youtube links.

This seems to be a common problem with the Razer Mamba. I did find several fixes for it most of them just require you to shim up the plate that has the mouse button on them. do some searches on youtube. There is several good instructional videos with the same problem as your.

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