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PlayStation AIO Box


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PlayStation AIO Box

Hey all

Some weeks ago I ordered a CronusMAX USB-stick to be able to play my console games with keyboard and mouse, the stick has far more capabilities. Some days ago it arrived and I did some initial testing, I'll write a review in the next weeks, while testing I got pretty annoyed by all the cable chaos the setup come with. The main reason is because you need to run the software on a Windows or MacOSX OS respectively you need a PC running at the same time to be able to play with keyboard and mouse.

So I came up with the idea to build a box with all needed components packed into it. The goal would be to that one has to connect the power (maybe internet connection too) and will be immediately ready to game. I started to design some first basic models of a box. I found some cool PlayStation CAD models on GrabCAD, this saved a lot of time and helps to get a better idea on how it will finally look.

Meanwhile the version number has reached the 5th level and it looks like this:

t8zOBcJl.jpg 5txpYqfl.jpg

fbSMJmAl.jpg zmYEGGtl.jpg

Zr8ZY03l.jpg WPINBFYl.jpg

s4ntSKsl.jpg Pvb8w01l.jpg

Box materials:

Acrylicglass or wood


PlayStation 4 and accessoires

PlayStation 3 and accessoires

Zotac ZBOX/Intel Nuc/other nano PC

AOC i2269VWM monitor

1x120mm + 2x60mm fan

1xRJ45 Splitter (1 Female to 3 Female)

2xHDMI Splitter (Male to 2xFemale)

2xHDMI (Male to Female)

2xHDMI Cable

1xDP Cable

1xUSB2.0 Y-Cable

The project is still in development and for now it's just a study. But I'm pretty determined to build this PlayStation AIO Box. :excitement:

Tell me what you think about this project and feel free to give any advice on doing something differently. :)

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