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MSI GT60 ONC upgrade to GTX 770m Failed??


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I have an MSI GT60 ONC i7 3610q, 670m

the 670m stopped working so i got a replacement 770m Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M 3GB DDR5 MXM 3.0 Type B for MSI Alienware | eBay

installed the card on win 8.1, didnt work, performed msi f3 recovery to default, got win 7 up and running, updated everything, still didnt work

flashed the car vbios with msi stock vbios, now card is recognised but crashes to BSOD when under load such as starting games or running gpuz

updated drivers with geforce experience - eternal welcome screen and BSOD

safe mode and disabled the GPU,

about to download an msi oc bios as suggested by this thread http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/6417-msi-gt70-0nd-upgrading-video-card-2.html but need 5 posts to download, so hers my post

if anyone has any additional information regarding this issue, please please respond and help me! xxx

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Flashed the vbios but had a mishap,

i accientally flashed the nvidia bios instead of the msi one, when it crashed on boot i realised what had gone wrong and reflashed with the correct msi one, now the system runs the card but im having issues,

the desktop is extremely** slow and borderline unresponsive, feels like running at max when nothing is open,games wont laung, and gpu z wont launch, cant acess geforce experience either. Does that sound like a bad flash because of the nvidia? if so, how can i restore it?

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BSODed after last post, restarted in safe mode, disabled the 770m in device manager , restarted, works fine, but clearly not ideal. GPU z now senses the gtx 770m and heres the readout.


any suggestions on what vbios to try? or what drivers with modified infs?or where to sacrifice the lambs? seriousy... anything would help me after 24 hours beating my face against the wall

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So i re-upgraded to windows 8, and downloaded all of the updates, i flashed the 770m vbios with MSI stock bios and installed forceware 327.02 driver as suggested in some thread i now lost to the vastness of the internet when i upgraded upto win 8 again,

voila! GPU is now correctly recognised! VICTORY IS MINE!

,,,sort of

PROBLEM #2: Windows 8, GTX 770m Driver 327.02 keeps crashing - BSOD ???_POWER_STATE_FAILURE when under load - for the first 3-5 startups.

Downloaded geforce experience, installed, scanned the card correctly, downloaded appropriate drivers - BSOD - safe mode - revert drivers

manually downloaded several versions of drivers - BSOD - safe mode - revert drivers

Downloaded modified inf and drivers from laptopvideo2go, - BSOD - safe mode, revert drivers.

Tried gaming - installed GW2, 7DTD and Bf4 - Gw2 works great, looks great - bsod every now and then for no apparent trigger (not exacerbated by on screen battles)

7dtd - works grea, looks great the gpu is DEFFO working because my intel card could barely run this prior to upgrade. -1 BSOD so far.

BF4 does not work on these drivers, needs newer drivers, fails to launch

Whenever i start a a game, the gpu driver crashes and restarts and i get this error popup - sometimes this preceeds a BSOD


here is my gpuz read


So i basically need a stable driver? Can anyone please help me with this? <3

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  • Bios Modder
Will a "30U" bios do if i upgrade my msi gt60 to an nvidia gtx780m or 880m? @Klem what in the bios settings to change manually? I have an unlock bios done by Svet. the 30U file

If your GT60 does not correct work with new 780M or 880M, you can try flash bios 30P or 51X. Much guys this thing was helped. You dont need to change anything in this bios for compatible with 7xx or 8xx card.

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  • Bios Modder
14 hours ago, FlashPRO37 said:

that to change the bios of the video card, you need to change the bios of the laptop?

No. Only if you want upgrade your graphic card to the new architecture.

14 hours ago, FlashPRO37 said:

can anyone have the mod vbios for MSI gtx 770m?

Post here your stock vbios.


Done.  https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/files/file/31-msi_gtx770m_8006540011_unlocked/

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On 15.10.2014 at 4:45 PM, jegarfor said:

I am interested in upgrading one gt70 0NC 670M with the best possible gpu. I tried to post but still waiting for moderator? this is a trying message because I don't know if I can write.....

GTX 980M with modified Heatsink

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hello guys !! where can i find the 51x bios? i got a gt60 onc and separately got a gtx 880m but is not working at all , the driver installs fine without errors but when restarting windows i get a black screen , then i have to remove the gpu from the machine in order to get video again. the machine is currently using xonar unlocked bios that i got from here:



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7 hours ago, iTzZent said:

here you have: http://www119.zippyshare.com/v/7Wt009V7/file.html


you need also the vBIOS from the MSI GTX880M. do you have the 4 or 8GB Version ?


hello thanks for the link!! , i have the 8gb version, and my card is the green pcb msi version, also i have the svl7 unlocked vbios , shall i leave the card with stock msi vbios or should i flash it with another vbios?

edit 1: just unpacked the rar file and it has 3 folders ahci, ec and raid , which one should i use?

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add info
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