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M17X R4 Upgrade 7970M to Clevo 780M

Matthew Rowe

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Hi all!

Recently purchased a new Clevo branded 780M GPU to fit into my m17X R4 (replacing the 7970M). After inserting the card and altering the bios settings (disable iGPU, primary display PEG) I receive 6 beeps.

I have also followed this brief guide to installing the card:

- Unplug power cord

- Remove battery

- Hold power buttonfor 30 seconds

- Remove CMOS coin battery(next to GPU fan)

- Remove gtx 770m -> 2 screws only, there's no need to remove the heat sink.

- Reinsert CMOS battery

- Plug power cord

- Power on -> Beeps -> hold power buttonuntil shutdown.

- Power on -> F2 -> disable the integrated graphics - Second Advanced Menu -> Video Configuration -> disable IGP -> set display to PEG -> Exit menu 'Save Without Exit' -> shutdown.

- Reinsert gtx 770m.

- Power ON -> F2 -> shutdown. //6 BEEPS START FROM THIS POINT

- Reinsert Battery.

- Additionally I have tried enabling "Always Enabler PEG" - with no success. Same 6 beeps

- Used NVFlash to determine if it could see the card - no nvidia card detected.

- I should also mention that no heatsink has been attached to the card during this process, 1 because I haven't received the correct sized screws, 2 because I don't think it would be required as no excess heat is being given off just trying to get the card to show up. Could this be my problem? Are there sensors in place stopping the card from booting if no heat-sink is installed? - Heat-sink with screws now in place!

Where do I go from here, and what is causing the 6 beeps.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!


When into the ePSA and ran a diagnostics, this is what it presented:

** Video Card - Video Card Connection Test **

Test Results : Pass

** Video Card - Video Memory Test **

Vendor Name: uEFI

Product ID: Graphics Protocol

Vendor Version: N/A

Memory Start = 0xa0000000 Memory size tested 63.93MB

Test Results : Pass

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