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CPU Microcode Update?


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So I was browsing around the internet in ways to compare my laptop to the PS4's power, when I saw that I could use SiSoftware Sandra 2014 to test the T FLOPS of my GPU. Well, I got sidetracked and started looking further into the i5 of this laptop, when I found this piece of information http://puu.sh/b4DIR/39eca5d4ee.png with the latest version saying http://puu.sh/b4DJT/c8027d46ea.png

My questions are,

What is microcode? Should it be updated?

If so, how do you update it? I searched around Google for like an hour and found nothing except for one of the ways to update it is through BIOS...which is probably never going to happen, I don't see Lenovo releasing BIOS updates for the y510p again..

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