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Favorite MMO?


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Its a horrible thing to say but I used to log into Runescape to talk to friends around the world. It was very effective for chatting and mind numbing repetitive tasks.

Planetside 2 can be fun, but you need a great connection to the server and a lot of patience. Its not really a normal MMO either.

ESO online is promising but I am just starting it.

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I started playing SWTOR again this week as a F2P player. I'm pretty much just playing it for the class stories which are very good. In the past I had quit the game because it was a pain to level up. I had to do every single meaningless sidequest so I would be at the right level to do the class stories. They changed that with their newest update that launched this week. They've upped the experience gain from each quest so that now you can progress just by doing the important quests.

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