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Favorite MMO?


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nothing's ever captured me like WOW did.

sadly, it took too much time to get enjoyment out of later on.

ended up having more fun botting than playing

would bot and then play PVP competitively, until banwaved.

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I've played EVE and WoW fairly extensively. Eve sure takes a lot of time to get in to, but oh man does it award you with tons of cool stuff after you really get in to it. Even had my own little corporation for a while. WoW is quite nice to play with friends, but doesn't offer same kind of a rush that EVE dogfights and such do.

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Could never get into anything other than WoW. I was always comparing it and they never lived up to it.

Agreed, especially now with their new token system. You can easily buy game time with in-game currency. It dipped down to around 21k gold for a month's subscription yesterday!

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GW2 with a few caveats. I really enjoy the combat, the level of customization and the rather challenging dungeons. I probably put 350 hours into it minimum. But with no PvE endgame there isn't much to do at the level cap unless you like organized PvP. I would say it is the most polished of any recent MMO, way more so than what I have played of Wildstar and TESO. Old school MMO would have to be Anarchy Online. If Funcom made a sequel I would definitely be interested.

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