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Nano-ITX PCs, Crap or Big Deal?

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I recognised that there is a Mainboard Form Factor called Nano-ITX.

So I searched for such Mainboards and I only found that there are a few but very expensive Nano-PCs out there which seem to be perfect for watching HD-Movies over a big Display.

The possibility to mount that PC on a Display's back seems also to be very interesting for a clean office usage.

Zotac comes with its new ZBox CI540 Nano. Price is about 320 Euros (Germany).

This one is absolutely fanless, heats up to a maximum of 40°C and delivers up to 1.9 GHz with TurboBoost (Intel Core-i5-4210Y).

Is this the Office-PC we all have been waiting for?

Are there more machines like the CI540 for sale and how much do they cost?

Is there anybody who is looking for something like this?

Did anyone make experiences with such a device?


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These nano builds are cool perfect for a HTPC etc :) mostly all laptop components pretty easy to build as a bare bone build. Passive cooling is becoming more of an option these days without sacrificing as much performance as that used to in the past. 40C on a dual core 1.5ghz/1.9ghz Turbo is pretty good if you ask me for passive cooling.

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Lenvo's tiny desktop M series are kinda neat

ThinkCentre M Series Tiny Desktop: Full-Featured Micro Desktops *| Lenovo US

The performance and size for that price is pretty attractive. And also can be mounted to monitors and such via the VESA mount.

I may look into getting one in the distant future xD

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I replaced my desktop gaming pc with a mini ITX pc. (now game on a laptop)

it's about the size of a 13" laptop (length wise) it's been customized, has a massive case fan stuck on the side.


pentium g2120 3.1ghz

4gb ddr3

96gb sata ssd, 120gb sata ssd, 1.5tb 3.5" sata hdd

hd7750 1gb gddr5

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@icke_dd: Never read about these Nano-ITX builds before, but it seems to be a pretty decent option for office work and media playback. :D

How much storage do you get with that price tag of around 320Euros?

Passive cooling at 40°C :D, that's cool. I think, once Broadwell is released, we will see a lot more product lines based on this Nano-ITX form factor. :triumphant::glee:

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The Zotac comes without any storage drives and RAM. There's a "plus"-version including a 64GB SSD and 4 GBs of RAM. But it's cheaper to buy them seperately.

64Gb SSD and 4gigs of DDR3, lol :hopelessness: a real "plus" for plus 100€ :rolleyes: The "plus" version should have at least 128Gb SSD and 8Gb DDR3 :o

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We have a Liva X at work and it's a neat little nano PC. It's so tiny it can be velcro'd to the back of a display screen, so it doesn't have to have a footprint at all. It is good enough to be a HTPC and can be used for digital signage, but I wouldn't want to use it as a primary PC. It doesn't really have enough processing power to multitask unfortunately.

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I love the idea that you attach some of them to the vesa mount on your monitor (or tv) and they use less power. If i could have the same low power usage but in a mATX form factor it would be better imo. More room means better cooling and perhaps faster cpu's as well as having more choices for what u can put into the case as well.

Been looking at a Intel NUC5i5RYH Core i5 NUC Barebone but just cant pull the trigger...

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