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y510p LCD Overclock


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I've tinkered with the settings mine is the Matte TLB2

70-72 Hz is the only stable ones.

I've Noticed though after reverting to 60 Hz My eyes were now susceptible to seeing subtle changes.

When I lower the brightness, Slight flicker is noticable. I Panicked for a moment thinking I did something to my screen ended up that setting it to max brightness remedies this. Lowering it halfway makes the flickering gone too.

Due to the fact that Lenovo's Brightness settings is using PMW it seems. It creates delays in the frequency to induce low brightness it seems. So basically with a max of 60hz at Max brightness.

Are there any fix for this to modify the algorithm present in the Basic Lenovo Brightness settings? To make the PMW bearable.

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Wow that's pretty crazy. And this is with the stock 1366x768 screen? What is panel number?

It is actually possible to get 120 FPS in a lot of games with SLI at the lower resolution. Maybe I should find a 768p screen that can overclock to 120 Hz and install it on my Y500. :P

My Y500 o/c to 120hz

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Kinda Annoying but I've noticed If I ever remove the Ultrabay GPU the flicker is nonexistent when Running the Laptop otherwise running normally it is noticable? Could there some Hardware problems? or this is the result of the SLI?

The flicker is basically like the LED flashing on some greys

PS: Its actually because y510p reverts to the default non sli state retaining, normal brightness setting, my bad. I wanna confirm though if anybody else has a similar experience on their screens.

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Stable 1920x1200 32-bit 185 Hz

Hmm, right ... disclaimer;

NOT on a y510p, obviously, 1920x1200 = WUXGA, not HD, it's got (1200-1080)/1080 * 100 = 11% more pixels than HD :smug:.

Ok, so ran into this thread by chance and thought I'd test it on my Latitude D800, it's got the world's first ≥HD panel, pre-dating the advent of Blu-ray by 2 years ...

It's stable all-right, but can only verify this on Refresh Rate Multitool:


Not because the browser tools fail, but because the Pentium M can't cope with the browser's resource demand (cpu à la 2004). Funny though; am using a 1000Hz usb polling rate mouse (on a ~1250Hz port), which shows ... almost too fast, if it weren't for the high resolution.

This 15.4" TN lcd was build april 2003, so we're talking about something that's over 11½ years old by now: LQ154M1LW02.

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Hello People Ali here, long time lurker first time poster. This indeed is a great find. From what I've gathered the matte screen gets 80-83hz and the glossy ones 100+. Sorry for my noobish queries...but will the 80hz or 100hz have that surreal effect we have in our 120hz tvs in movies and tv shows?

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Has anyone found a solution to overclock display in Y510p with Intel+nVidia?

The removable Ultrabay nVidia 755M is not available, co i can't swich to nVidia control panel to chage it.

Custom Resulution Utility program also don't work.

I second this - maybe a modded driver? Or is it simply impossible with Optimus running?

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