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Yes, it's soldered to the mobo. When you tilt the mobo a bit and look at it from a different angle, you'll see how the PCB with the die on it is directly on the mobo PCB. It's BGA soldered, all the solder joints (quite a lot) are below this square, you can't see them.

The vbios is (as far as I know, maybe a M14x user can confirm this) part of the system bios. That's usual for systems with on-board GPUs, since it allows you to simplify things and use less components. Therefore no, a new GPU (even if the pin layout of the die was magically the same) would not work because of the bios.

In addition to this, all the integrated circuits on the mobo can't be changed, and it's almost impossible that the 555m circuit design is suitable for any different die.

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That's true, if the jacks stay at the same place this would be an option. I think it was possible to use an r2 mobo in a M17x r1 chassis... but don't take my word for it.

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See that was the problem with the m11x R1 vs R2. The layout of the case and MB had changed. Therefore couldn't use the old one. If their is a m14x R2, it will really depend on the updated features. I doubt we will get a r2 for a while. Why.. 1. the video is latest nvida offering 5xx vs older 4xx. 2. Only the 6770 ati offering would be as compatible thermally. 3. Size and MFG? are any of the ATI cards "all in one" mb and gpu combos? So why would they release an R2?

If I could wish on a star.. I know most of you like the nvidia cards. I am not a fanboy either way but the ATI cards REALLY impress me. I loved the 5850 and the OC ability. It put the smack down on most notebook gpu's. It's seems like for the longest time the only competition to the 5850/5870 were other 5850/5870 cards. (until the 6970). I would really like to see an R2 with an ATI 6850 (maybe even lower clocked if needed). This card pushes over 2200 in 3dmark11 stock. Overclocked you could easily hit 25xx or 26xx (close to the old 5850). I would trade mine right now for a 6850 m14x offering. I got credit and ready to spend if needed.

so if your listening alienware...


6850 ati or 7 series maybe?

better screen (higher quality)

option for added fan/cooling instead of optical drive

9 cell battery instead of 8

get to it please! I am will be happy to assist if you are able to pay my hourly rate!

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