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M18x fails post

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Hi guys,

I've got an R1 M18x, and I've just swapped out two 6990m for a pair of 780m.

I flashed the BIOS to unlocked A05 before I swapped and the change seemed to go well...until I tried turning it on.

Screen black, and all I'm getting is two short beeps.

I've taken the ram out, swapped the order etc but to no avail.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Thanks for any help,


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correct just google flashing vbios with nvflash and use the modded Vbios from this forum. Also it could be conflicting drivers try using a program called DDU in safe mode without new cards installed if u have to. and try just installing one card and get it working first.

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Well Bud im assuming the op wanted a video card upgrade. And I also assume that he did not touch his ram cuz u dont need to. And maybe op just recently registered to this forum and started asking questions because op could not find any other 2 beep solutions. So I would assume its a conflict of some sort. Anyway just possible solutions in an effort to save time. They may or may not work!

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