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Can someone with the Y50 (any version) please answer a few quick questions?


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Thank you to anyone that submits their computer to these tests.

also I'm terribly sorry for asking so many questions i just want to cover all of the bases.

the details on this laptop online are scarce and i hope this answers a lot of peoples questions.

The fan control question is of particular importance to me

In general more pictures and screenshots would also be helpful try focusing on... well, everything


  • I would like to know what the bios menu looks like in the Y50 what settings are available

and what menus are given by Lenovo by default.

  • I would like to know if the fans are able to be controlled with SpeedFan this was one

of my major dislikes about my current Y510P and its preference to chose minimum cooling policy

making even simple games run at 98c consistently.

  • I would like to know if the SSD included runs via a M2 slot of a MSATA slot and the R/W of

of the drive, please specify the size and any other info (including os)

  • I would like to know how far back the screen can bend preferably in the form of an angle

measurement from what I've seen online it appears to stop at aprox. 150° additional photos of

the hinges would be VERY helpful also pictures in general would be much appreciated.

  • I would like to know how the system deals with heat (again a major concern from the y510p)

general information would be helpful along with Furr Mark, Unigine Valley and other benchmarks that

focus on CPU or GPU performance anything that preforms a high power stress test.

  • Please specify which usb port provides the always on function. Also a high resolution well focused

picture of the keyboard would be much appreciated i would like to know if the keys are flat or if they

are arched like the Y510p's keyboard, and could you describe the ease of use of the trackpad.

  • What is the wattage of the power supply provided? 170w or 130w also what kind of connector does it use?


Thank you once again Y50 owners for answering the questions above there may be more below and answer

those if you would like and know we all appreciate it.

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