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Y510p - Intel 7260HMW AC or Qualcomm Killer Wireless-N 1202 ?


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I don't know why you say that the Intel 7260 is good. I've bought a TP-Link external WiFi adapter USB, it's 300Mbps and high gain. Well, it costs just 14$ and it is WAY, I mean it, WAY better than my 7260. I have the Y510P with that card, and the range sucks SO hard. Or this card is really bad, or something's wrong with my laptop. The TP-Link range is so good, and it is super fast, so if a cheap card can kick this one's butt, I don't know why would you ever buy it.

I've tried every single driver right out there, and the range is just not good. May be it's my laptop's antenna, but I think everything is OK.

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I signed up to this forum so I could download the unlocked wifi bios, however I'm in the same bout with regards to which card to choose. I was debating about the Killer vs Intel, and initially leaning towards the Killer NIC. The reason being is the Intel 2230 was such a joke with regards to dropping. My main issue is within games, I'll get some very crazy lag from time to time. I am happy with the Intel Bluetooth stability, but my biggest problem is the strange drops in performance. Stability is more important than speed for me at this point.

My thinking is why would I go from crappy intel 2230 to potentially to another intel which probably shares some of the same driver software....

Any comments?

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I did it. Finally got rid of that soul sucker 2230 and installed AC-7260. Had no problem during updating bios with hacked one and installing the card. Windows 8.1 manages without problem but intel's pronet software does not work that well. It keeps freezing for 1-2 seconds.

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