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Dx 11 or dx 11.2


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There is no gain yet for directX 11.2 over 11, just buy a card which suits your need best.

Word of advice, the price difference of the R9 290x over the 'regular' R9 290 is noth worth the performance gain.

If you like to use AMD mantle for games which support that API, go for AMD. If you prefer Shadowplay, then go for Nvdia.

If you're going to use your PC for LiteCoin mining however, go for AMD, those cards are beast at mining those coins. Though, I believe your main interest will be gaming.

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As a game developer i can totally say u guys ur right. U will never ever see a new directx version that just came out in a new game. Mostly u have to calculate a latency of at lest 2 years since release and first games using the technology. That is simply just because of the creators of games have to wait till the support for the directX version is spreaded to pubnlic enough so they do not need to develop more code then needed to just support as many pc's builds as possible. Some High End companies who produce AA title's like COD or Battlefield can afford to force the community to buy new cards to play their games but even them doing it really rarely or just put support for the new version into and not exclusivly. Also to mention just upping the directX version doesn't make ur game look better. U need to take advantage of the new technologies which also be not on the viewable side of ur experience as a gamer. As an example with directX 11 they introduced new pipelines to process polygons and textures multitasking and better to code. So u will not see a benefit of it as a gamer but as a developer u just cried GIVE ME NOW x)

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