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Where do you guys usually buy your spare parts?


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I was cleaning and repasting my y500 and somehow managed to put a big dent in the gpu pipe on the heatsink blocking the hot air from reaching the main fan. I tried bending it back but you know how that goes. Now my gpu is overheating (85+ C) while sitting passive. I have tried looking around for a decent place to buy a replacement heatsink and I have only run into two places to get it. 1. being ebay, although it is going for $100 which seems a bit overpriced. The 2nd option is uspcparts.com. Has anyone here ever used this site before?

Thanks for any input in advance.

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Ebay or aliexpress. They're both typically the same prices, but aliexpress tends to be cheaper. The tradeoff being that you're dealing with (mainly) Chinese wholesale vendors who may or may not speak english well; you can chat with them and the chat box rather poorly translates back and forth. Also, shipping may or may not be free but will take a long time to get to you; and most vendors will not sell *only one unit*, but you can usually find a fair priced item from a willing vendor.

If you're patient and willing to go through some hassle for a good deal, go with aliexpress, otherwise ebay.

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