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Sony worth it?


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For a basic Audio Video Reciever they arent bad. I have a pair of Headphones that have been great for years but they cost too much compared to even more Hi-Fidelity Headphones. You get what you pay for sometimes. The devices I have from Sony run very good but in some respects they are a company looking to sell items to people with a budget in mind. Sony always did better at TVs and other equipment than PC but they definitely had a premium feel from what I saw the Sony Vaio for example. Never used Sonys support so I have no idea about that.

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Well I can give you my personal experience with a Sony Vaio Notebook, model VPCEB1S1E

I've had it now for over 5 years, never had a problem. Do note that I am not a "brand" type of person, I buy many different products from different brands...


Very solid build overall, no clacking parts, no loose parts.

Good design. Even today it looks good compared to many notebooks from other brands.

Easy to dismantle (to clean dust from fans and such) and upgrade (CPU, memory).

Solid performance over time, I just upgradet to SSD, 8Gb RAM and a new Intel CPU (i5 first generation) model m480

Solid GPU for the times it was bought, it is still good enough for basic gaming (AMD 5600 series with 1Gb VRAM)

CONS: the 1366x768 LCD, glossy and with little angle view. But it was good at the time of purchase, and it is still running good today.

So overall I would say (from my single experience) that a Sony notebook may be a little pricer than the avarage South Korea laptops, but quality-wise it will work better for many years.

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