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Hey guys... I'm in modding mood, again, hahaha :D

Got my hands on a Nvidia 470m and put it in a G73JW. Unfortunately Windows won't boot.... "Valid MXM structure not found".


Does anyone of you have any idea about this? Every idea is greatly appreciated.

Here's all the info of the card that nvflash gives me:


Btw, I'll try the 6970m again later, maybe I messed up something last time... I mean it did boot with the 6970m...

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Modified vendor and subvendor ID in vbios and flashed, no change. Well, I didn't really expect it to work, but was worth a try I guess.

Edit: I also just tried some rather unusual mods, changed Device ID etc. to the one of the Asus 460m, flashed successfully but still the same error and Windows won't boot...

I have no idea how they restricted this system.

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Yeah, I did. What he changed is the adress that causes the system to make a beep sound during the error message... the card already worked on the system, but the beeping annoyed him, and since he couldn't find a way to deactivate the error message he at least disabled the beeping. So this won't help unfortunately.

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Yeah, but this will only manipulate the countdown of the error message (set it to 0) and disable the beeping... this is helpful when the system boots anyway, so you don't have to watch the 30 second warning everytime you boot.

Damn, Asus, what did you do to this system? Why can't you apply to standards...

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Yes, if Windows booted and the error message still showed up I would probably be able to more or less disable the error message with these tweaks you posted, but first of all I need to be able to boot Windows with the 470m. I have no idea what Asus did with the system... something is restricting it to only the 460m it seems.

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