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y410p Power/Battery Issue

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My y410p refuses to acknowledge the power cord to charge the battery. Was having problems with battery installed and power cord, but power cord only would work, now nothing.

Long of it:

So a month or two ago I was starting a program (TDU2) and experienced a straight crash to black/power off. Laptop was plugged in, didn't think anything of it.

I turned the machine back on got back to business on some word processing, but I didn't notice that it was running battery only. When the warning came on about battery power I went into alert mode and started research. Ended up removing the battery and the laptop recognized the power cord as a source. Went through a bunch of hoops to remove the power management tools by MS and reinstall the Lenovo one, eventually after holding the reset switch by the battery and the power button down for 30 secs or so, independently, I was able to hook the battery back in and get it charged. It has not been away from a powered port on the wall for long since then. I recently unplugged it and left it that way for a day, in case I needed it at another site, when I came back to homebase and plugged it in I had failed to notice the battery only, this time due to the fact that I have no battery management software really installed.

The reboot/unplug/hold reset button trick worked for a minute. Did another reset and now no dice. Battery or no battery. Removed all attached components, internal and external (hdd/ram/second hdd) based on the support site recommendation and still no dice.

Anyone have any ideas? I would like to get it back to normal even temporarily so that I can put the bios back to stock from the sl7 mod, just to forstall any issues there. I forsee trying to RMA it just to get this fixed but the bios thing is on my mind.

Thanks for anything.

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I suppose you reïnstall the power management software for sure.

Have you tried using a different adapter or battery? Maybe they are the problems.

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