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Medion Erazer X6825- Overclock GTX680M (MSI parts)


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For starts, I'm French, I used an online traductor, I hope you could understand with no problems..

I thus have this model, during the overclock already by weak(weakness) frequencies, I have a throttle when the card(map) warms, thus the OC serve has nothing...

For information I changed the thermal dough, sanded the thermal surface of crossed off(radiated), I turn(shoot) in maxi 90°C in the games(sets)..

I saw that he(it) fallais (among others) to change the VBIOS of the card(map)? Already on which base(basis) refer??


Thank you for your future information!

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Hi all ! french too :D Well, i was watching over a lot of topic on 6825 'cause i have one. First problem was the overheat in gaming like AC3 or like the last Arma ... Micro lag + freeze + biiig sound in speaker aaand BSOD ... I can smell near the fan the burning flavor ...

So i started to search for something like upgrading the fan and i was happy to find the Pherein software ! Thanks to him, now my PC is fanless when i use only the 3630qm and no overheat when playing on my gt680m, my fan is now at 100%, not in the past where medion was setting it lower.

But i heard that there's a way to flash the bios for a MSI BIOS. Anyone have an idea how to do that ? Thanks in advance !

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Firstly some games are coded badly, especially ports from other consoles an example would be Saints Row 4 which is a great game on the PC but being a port it really makes some graphics card hot - going to 90C easily when all graphics are on.

I have the Medion Erazer 6825 and repasted the the Graphics chip with a good quality paste also tightened the cooler right down. I also have the back of the laptop raised up which greatly helps with air flow and cooling. With those two changes I got graphics temps down from 89c in Heaven 4.0 to 80C. Also better temps in gaming.

Got to look at the whole thing though its a great laptop for the price but the CPU and the RAM are not top end.

I am hoping to get about 7500 in 3Dmark11 which was where my cheap desktop 670 was.

All the best



Do send svl7 a copy of your vbios he really is one of a group of excellent members here who seriously knows his stuff.

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