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GTX 780m upgrade

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I'm a french and my english is bad ^^

Here I am addressing all the owners of the gtx 780m , I just buy me this card very recently in place of the original 770m I upgrade my laptop "GT70 - 20c 430fr" each restart my pc , I have a 20% loss on the GPU throttling problem ; forced reinstalled every time the driver, I tried with different drivers 331.65 , 331.82 and 331.91 beta to enjoy the power graphic card ... I have no idea what I could do

each restart, reset with a loss of power gpu, it's not good for me to reinstall the drivers (any ) every time I restart the pc

do 3 tests to be on :

I noticed that reboot: voltage : see 0900 0925 max

cpu throttling : 570mhz

and resettlement pilot voltage : 1.000V

711mhz cpu throttling

So big problem of voltage, how to fix it ? , and I have a big instability on the oc exceeding 50MHz on the GPU

I have a 180w power supply , is what is missing ? NOS should not help me to boost my gpu ? Or is that flashing the vbios msi installation problem ? VGA Bios Collection: MSI GTX 780M 4096 MB | techPowerUp

Help me please !!! thx

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Not sure if I understand the problem fully. 180 Watts is enough to drive the 780M, with Haswell, but with no over clocking. For OC you need more watts.

Did you try the kepler vbios from this site? Is it OK without over clocking? Or is that the issue? If so, try a bigger power supply.

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