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Hi there, looking here and there I found a few mouse models designed specifically for Gamers...This is a short selection from a list i had, I want to share with you, maybe someone is interested

CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse

this mouse is really awesome..I want one of those :D

$69.99 on BestBuy


You can found a full review about this mouse here

Also a video review here

ASUS ROG GX900 Gaming Mouse

$79.00 on Asus store

$69.00 on GenTech


ASUS presents the ROG GX900, the gaming input with precision laser sensor technology and the coolest user-interface on a mouse! It’s tailored to gamers looking for high speed action and total reliability in FPS, RTS, online RPGs and other game genres


- Precision laser technology up to 4000dpi

- Customizable DPI, button functions and macros

- Five-way tangle free cable management with sleeve protection

- Gold-plated USB connector provides high speed data transfer rates

- Weight system - adjust the mouse weight by your preference

RAZER DeathAdder Precision Optical Gaming Mouse

$44.99 on Newegg


The Razer DeathAdder is the weapon of choice for gamers seeking a combination of comfort and unbridled gaming precision. Enjoy extended gaming sessions in comfort with its right-handed ergonomic form factor crafted for the world of competitive gaming; and when the difference between victory and defeat is determined between heartbeats, the 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor translates your every movement into frags with pinpoint accuracy.


- Ergonomic design

- 3500DPI Infrared sensor

- 1000HZ Ultrapolling

- On-the-fly sensitivity adjustmen

- Customizable buttons

Logitech G9x

$59.99 on Newegg


The Logitech G9x gaming mouse is customizable for comfort and function! Select either Wide Load or Precision grip, or choose from a selection of optional grips, for the perfect fit. The G9’s high-performance laser game engine brings unrivaled speed and accuracy to your desktop, and is adjustable from 200-5700dpi

Video review



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There are a couple of very great gaming mice available, I really like the design of the R.A.T. cyborg, but I never used one...

Here it is, completely customizable:


I'm using this one, I really like the positions of the thumb buttons and it was a great deal, much cheaper than the RAT:


I guess it really depends on where you like the buttons and also whether you like a big mouse or not... there's a gaming mouse for every need it seems.

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prolly be adding this to my collection.

roccat kova


cyborg rat 11, hahaha


so far i have gotten the:

R.A.T 7




mamba and orichi both failed on me. but deathadder is still running strong and still one of my favs.

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I think the RAT model is not very ergonomic, looks uncomfortable :P

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I think boobs actual mouse FTW! But IMO Razer has the best gaming mice out of all the brands.

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So far RAT 7 is the only mouse big enough to fit my palm and I really like it

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yeah i used to really love razer products, but have too many failed on me,mostly their wireless products. so i kinda swore them off. but would still buy the death adder.

also loving the rat 7 too, that precision aim button is pure win!!!

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RAT 7 sounds great to me, that precision button is one awesome idea and best of all you can change it's size. The Deathadder looks extremely comfortable, big (I like big mice) and ergonomic. I've been looking myself for the perfect mouse... I like gaming marketed mice but not the ones with 100's of programmable buttons... why not just a couple of perfectly placed buttons not a calculator looking setup on the side of the mouse.

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Brian since you asked, check those out, the wheel is not touching the hand, there is enough space between them (the length is just right, the width I would like it to be more though)




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I like gaming marketed mice but not the ones with 100's of programmable buttons... why not just a couple of perfectly placed buttons not a calculator looking setup on the side of the mouse.

LOL @ calculator

I assume you mean the razer naga etc? I think they're designed specifically for MMORPG addicts.

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Another one:

Mionix NAOS 5000 7 Buttons USB Laser 5040 dpi Mouse (LED lights are customizable to your liking) $79.99 on Newegg


A passioned hunt for perfection has come to an end. Mionix Naos 5000 has seen its first light of day. Get ready to meet a gaming mouse with an incredible ergonomic comfort and stunning technology that offers an outstanding gaming experience. Mionix Naos 5000 features a new innovative weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution of the mouse, carefully selected high-end components and leading laser technology. Stunning features such as adjustable lift-distance, 5 onboard profiles, extensive macro settings and customizable LED-lights give you the opportunity to customize the mouse exactly to your liking.

Mionix Naos 5000 specifications:

• Truly ergonomic design

• Grip friendly rubber coating

• 7 buttons (7 programmable)

• 3 steps in-game dpi adjustment

• Configurable dpi up to 5040 dpi

• 6 integrated LEDs

• Adjustable Polling rate

• Large Teflon feets

• Balanced weight tuning system (up to 40 grams)

• Net Weight: 106 gr

• Full speed USB 2.0 with Plug n Play

• Cable length: 2 m (braided for durability)

Naos Laser sensor specifications:

• 5040 dpi gaming laser sensor

• SQAT - Surface Quality Analyzer Tool

• Adjustable lift distance

• 1 ms response time

• 12 000 frames / sec

• Tracking speed: 5.1 m / sec (200 ips)

• 10.6 megapixels / sec image processing

• Acceleration: 30 g

• 40 000 Hz sampling rate

• True 16-bit data path


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Attachment problem has been fixed.


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@Nando that's one slick mouse, what a great find.

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@mw86 yeah man!

found another one...looks really nice!

Cyber Snipa Black/Red 9 Buttons Tilt Wheel USB Wired Laser 3200 dpi Stinger Mouse $44.99 on Newegg


7,080 frames per second(FPS) Tracking speed of 45 inches per second(IPS) 9 buttons including 6 macro programmable Up to 1000Hz(1ms) adjustable report rate 8kb of onboard memory 16 bit ultra wide data path 7 removable weights(20g each) 4 super size easy glide feet. Right Hand, 3200 dpi


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I use the Kudos gaming mouse from Speedlink and I'm very satisfied. One can define four separate DPI levels, furthermore there are five macro slots, which can be very helpful in some games. (e.g. CoD with akimbo Magnum .44s:love-struck:)

Additional weights can be used to change weight and balance of the mouse. In games very suitable for snipers, because the mouse can be moved more precisely. I never had any hardware damage, therefore I say that the build quality is very good.:D


Now the successor is available on the market, the Speedlink Kudos RS.:Banane31:


The design has been retained, but the mouse is equipped with new hardware.

Here some features:

-cutting-edge ultra-precise laser sensor with configurable sensitivity levels from 90 to 5700dpi

-sensor dpi separately adjustable for X and Y axes

-150ips (inches per second) tracking speed for lag-free movement sensing

-internal memory for five customisable profiles and freely programmable macros


Speedlink.com Kudos RS




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i have R.A.T too and it's awesome, as for me : ) with all those functions, modification option and precision button

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Yeah, I've got the R.A.T. 7. I bought the same day when it was released. Actually it isn't a mouse anymore, it's truly called rat ;)

Fully adjustable, even with different weights if you like it heavier.



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Used to have logitech mice, mx revolution and mx1000 even earlier, but then switched to simple razer and it was even better :) And never buy roccat wireless mice, battery life is like there's no battery at all.

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Recently bought g9 with wire - there is nothing better than wired mouse. I like customization variety via SetPoint. Top mice for me.

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      this is the guide im following:
      So this is my detailed description how I managed to mod and overclock my GTX 960M in my Lenovo Y50-70. Please note: it is very dangerous to play with the BIOS, so you need to be very careful! I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage or misuse of the information below! Use it AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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      B. PhoenixTool (2.50 or above)
      C. Maxwell II BIOS Tweaker (1.36)
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      2. Reboot, enter your BIOS and check "Enable downgrading BIOS" feature (we need to downgrade first in order to flash the modded BIOS)
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      4. After reboot & reflash, start Windows, then enter standby, wait a bit, then wake up the machine
      5. Create your modded BIOS, see separate list below
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         Fptw64 -f BIOS_MODDED.ROM -bios
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      5.1 Start PhoenixTool.exe from Phoenix Tool 2.50 and open your previously saved original BIOS.ROM from point #1 above
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       .6 Open "EFI BIOS" tag
       .7 Open second "File Volume {7A9354D9-...}" tag
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       .10 Open the tag, then "GUID defined section", then click on Raw section. "Internal number" (in the top right corner) should be 1796 for BIOS 3.03.
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      How to create modded vBIOS (point 5.4 above):
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      5.4.1 Open the ROM
         .2 Change "Boost Clock" on "Common" tab to the new boost-ed maximum value
         .3 On "Boost table" tab, use the slider in the right bottom corner to increase your max boost-ed value to the same number
         .4 On "Boost states" tab, at P00 profile, change the MAX values in the GPC, L2C and XBAR fields to the same max boost-ed value
         .5 Save your modified BIOS and rename it to 960M_OC.MOD
      (My boost-ed max value was 1359 MHz. I could then use MSI Afterburner's software tuning -> my 960M could reach 1454 MHz without voltage increase.)
      i know that it's for a different laptop, but its basically the same
      ill provide more info when im home
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      i want it to be able to overclock it even more for gaming.
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      Please is there somebody who can help me to do the process ? or to do it for me ? mp me please.... Dido
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      I have a notebook Asus X550CC.
      Some weeks ago my screen went black with the brightness working though (black screen but one can see brightness changes) - I couldn't figure out the root of the problem, since it was sudden and it works with an external monitor.
      Now, I was trying to install an SSD with a caddy. I went to BIOS to change the boot order, but couldn't find my SSD - so, I accidently disabled launch CSM option hoping it would recognize it or something. After that I couldn't access BIOS anymore and I have a very slow startup with dxgkrnl.sys, wdfilter.sys and CAD.sys showing not loaded in the boot log.
      I tried to:
      Remove CMOS battery for 8h  Short JRST2001 and JRST2002  Access BIOS through windows 10 troubleshooting None of the above worked for me
      The laptop does not restart or shuts down correctly as it gets stuck somewhere and I have to press ON/OFF button again in order to shut it completly. The only display I can see in the external monitor, during start-up is the windows 10 loading screen (can't see the asus loading screen) and it takes more than 5 minutes to get me there (seems like a bootloop).
      I hope someone may have the answer cause I'm running out of solutions 
      Thanks in advance, everyone!
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