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USB 3.0 port's finicky y500


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Ok so this y500 stays on my desk, never moved, use the ports for a mouse, and a external sometimes. Other 2.0 is for my headset for work.

The port next to the hdmi port, will give errors, mouse sometimes will go wanky, so I have to use the other port (works fine) however wont work so well if something is plugged in to the affected port. Wtf could be causing this? Did it rip a cable, is it not grounded properly? Please help there are few ports as is lol.

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I saw someone around here state that enabling the "USB power always on" (or whatever it's called) feature in the BIOS actually caused the motherboard to slowly fry itself and eventually start showing strange malfunctions like this (along with keys on the keyboard doing it too, etc.). Or maybe it was that combined with the keyboard lighting... whatever, close enough. I have no clue if that really was true or not, but I've kept mine set to off ever since just in case. It's not like it works when enabled anyway though (cute little mistake there Lenovo). Again, I'm not even sure the person was right when they said it, but your question brought it to mind.

Is this a wireless mouse, BTW? Is it 2.4ghz? If so, USB 3.0 ports can/will cause interference (apparently they overlooked this fact when finalizing the standard: it can be a problem with 2.4ghz wifi as well). I wouldn't be surprised if the HDMI port could also be throwing it off or something, but I really have no business even saying that to be honest (I'm a software guy). Note that the port you're referring to is 3.0, but so is the other USB port right next to it on the same side that you say works fine. The only 2.0 port these Y500s have is on the right side (I'm nearly positive they're both 3.0 but I'm too lazy to unplug my hub right now to double check, frankly).

Actually, I've had similar issues with a wireless mouse plugged in there now that I think about it. Or maybe it was the other 3.0. Or it could have been the 2.0 port, I can't really remember -- it hasn't been an issue for a couple of months. I assumed it was caused by the bizarrely powerful interference in my house though; figured the mouse jumped on occasion when a solar flare came just a touch closer than usual or somebody turned on the microwave or something. Regardless, everything else I plug in to that port seems to work just fine 24/7.

Anyway, that's about all I can think of -- I doubt you've got a stray conductor touching where it shouldn't though, since I'd expect that to cause more constant issues instead of very infrequent ones.

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I don't know if it's the same issue, but using a USB 3.0 hard drive on my Y500 yields varying results. Most of the time, the hard drive won't even connect and I will have to use the 2.0 port. On rare occasions, it would actually work with the 3.0 port and work flawlessly. It's been an ongoing problem and I haven't really found s solution to it yet.

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I will just mention that I am having odd issues with USB. But it is with all of my USB ports and really only with my Razer mouse. I often times need to plug it in and remove it 9 or 10 times before it works. I plug it in, it works for 3 seconds and freezes, like it was unplugged. Then I need to repeat until it just works...

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