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[Mod] Voltage increase Nvidia GT 555M

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8 hours ago, futureorkun said:

Hi buddy donation link is closed. I need the file. Can you help me?


You can download it from this link:  

If you for some reason can't download, then read "User Account Promotion Rules":  https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-posting/

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its been so long..... xD and here's another guy with alienware m14x r1 in 2022 running games at lowest settings.... so i have such a problem on my m14x r1 i have seen ppl past core 750mhz , 780mhz even 800mhz stable with low temp but for some reason when i try even 700mhz i start seeing artifacts also my gpu temps past 89c when i run benchmark so will be my laptop suitable for the bios mod or it might cause overheating and thx for reading this

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Hello! Just needed the A08 BIOS mod (unlocked) and i could not download the file in the post 1. What can be wrong?

Is there any link on which can be these files downloaded directly?


Meantime problem was fixed by a member here on the forum, setting some permissions. Thank you!

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