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I own an old Gateway laptop that I would like to give to a friend, but I cannot pass it on with a consistent error that has been bothering me. I can not determine what brings about this error because it happens so randomly. I will see what looks like little tears across the screen, and then the screen will go blank, and when it returns I get a notification that "NVIDIA driver nvlddmkm has stopped working but has recovered." What brings about this error? I have reinstalled the video drivers and reinstalled the operating system but nothing has made this problem go away.

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Hi there.

- System specs ?

- Uninstall current drivers (Safe Mode) Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V9.4 / first uninstall option.

- Install (64-bit) GeForce 314.22 - WHQL - Driver

- Set Windows power plan to High performance, Windows key + R > Type powercfg.cpl > check High Performance.

- Check system RAM with Memtest86+ (bootable USB drive) Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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I've got this same problem aswell, I almost tried everything to it. I will try a last attempt to overvolt my videocard before I brick this laptop ;D

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Hey :)

I had the same probleme once.

This was the way it worked for me (no more "Bluescreens")

You need the free programm "Driver Cleaner Pro"

Make sure your system is up to date, and you have downloaded DirectX 9

1. Unistall all Nvidia components (Display Driver, Experience....)

2. Restart (after that Windows will automatically install the defaut Nvidia driver for your card)

3. Go into the "Device-Manager"

4. Right-click on your graphic card and select "Uninstall". Make sure you also select the little checkbox .

5. Restart

6. Now run "Driver Cleaner Pro", select all Nvidia relevant things and click "clean".

6.5 Restart (You can if you want)

7. Install the latest NVIDIA Driver for your Card.

Finish :)

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