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BSOD boot loop

Ryae Anthony De Luna

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I have a Lenovo Y400 and it's stuck in a boot loop. It loads up to the lenovo logo and then after about a second a BSOD appears. Strange thing is that I can't see the error because the BSOD exits too quickly. Before the boot loop happened I scheduled windows memory diagnostics then I had to force shutdown my laptop because it hanged. At about 90% of the memory test the blue screen appeared. Also I have recently overclocked my gpu. What I want to know is the cause of the boot loop and if there is a fix for it. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey Ryae,

Is this new out of the box? If not, did it just start happening after you made any software/hardware changes?

If the Windows memory test gets to 90% and fails, I would recommend running a MemTest86+ for at least 2 passes. May not even make it through the first pass, but it's the first place to start.

Grab a fresh USB drive (one that doesn't have anything on it) and head to memtest86.org. Download the auto installer for USB key and run it. Choose to put it on your flash drive.

Afterwards, shut down your Lenovo and boot it using OneKey Touch. You may have to go into BIOS and temporarily change from UEFI to Legacy otherwise you wont be able to boot from the USB.

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